"Laura Moliter is truly an inspirational woman who has and continues to help me in my life journey through her innate capacity to give fresh views which give me hope to continue in my purpose. She has great insights, spiritually motivated, operates from noble motives, and is always at the ready. Laura moves people through her daily blog posts and is a blessing to all she encounters."

Mindy Fradkin, a.k.a Princess Wow
Founder of The Smile Revolution, joy coach, blogger, singer, performance artist, hatter

“Have you ever wished that there was someone in your life who would assure you that all is well? Remind you that the truth of who you are is right in front of you? Open your eyes to your potential? That’s what Laura Moliter does. Working with Laura you will feel uplifted, encouraged, and inspired. Through her deep compassion, strength, and awareness Laura infuses lives with joy and fulfillment. It’s always an honor to work with Laura!”

Beca Lewis, Shift-The-Story Coach, Author, Podcaster, Illustrator

"For years I contemplated working with a life coach.  Feeling fairly successful in business, happily dedicated to spiritual studies, surrounded by my wonderful family, I wondered if investing financially in a coaching experience would be beneficial.  For me, opening up to Laura Moliter and investing in the experience, is one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made.  Laura has a unique ability to listen, love and provide invaluable feedback in a joy filled and safe setting.  For those looking to better understand their own life purpose, desiring to glide past limitations or simply seeking support and guidance from a very special person, I highly recommend working with Laura!"

Melanie Jones, Sales Professional

"Cherished, empowered, confident, buoyant: This is how I feel after a coaching session with Laura.

I’ve always been the kind of person who self-coaches pretty well, but after meeting with Laura one time, I knew that I’d be using her coaching services, going forward.

My life is pretty good, and Laura helps me discover ways to turn the GOOD, into GREAT.

I highly recommend working with Laura to anyone who wants to expand upon the beautiful possibilities in their life!"

Paige Collins-Rideout

Selected as one of the best coaches in Austin: https://www.expertise.com/tx/austin/life-coaches